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G DATA | Advanced Analytics

Malware Analysis

At G DATA we analyse a vast amount of malware every day to ensure and improve the quality of our software solutions. With G DATA Advanced Analytics, we make our proficiency directly available to you. Complementing you company's security experts, we help you to scale your analysis needs and to better comprehend your adversaries tools. As a German company, we understand your need to protect your company's information. It is your data, you decide how it is handled - on your premises and on ours.


Functional and security audits help you to comprehend the full feature set - intended and unintended - of software and systems. Whether you need to ensure that your customers are safe, when they use your products, or need to make sure that you are safe, when you use third-party solutions in your critical environments: use our expertise to jump ahead of attackers. Security needs are individual - we understand yours.


Tap our brains. We share our experience and teach what we do best. As security experts, we can help you raise awareness for security needs in your context. As analysts, we are never out of training ourselves. Contact us to find out, what we can do for you.

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